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January 14, 2003

Working assets

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A Jan. 11 People's Forum letter-writer slammed President Bush's tax plan as "trickle-down economics" because a central facet is its elimination of taxes on dividends, or what the reader calls "income that you get without working." Did money start growing on trees and I just missed out on it?

Last time I checked you actually have to give someone money before they can invest it for you. And with our overly progressive tax system and substantial estate taxes, that money's only going to come from personal labor.

I don't make much, so I am more mindful than most that I will rightfully receive little direct benefit from any tax cut of any kind. But let's not be so contemptuous of our free market blessings to insult the more prosperous by claiming they didn't work for what they have -- especially when most of us would readily trade places without a second thought.

T. Greg Doucette


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